Jeb Corliss training for the Flying Dagger in Switzerland

This is follow footage taken by Jhonathan Florez during my training in Switzerland for the #FlyingDagger stunt in China year before last :) Iiro was conducting the qualifiers for the World Wingsuit League (WWL) and testing out timing systems :) That is why he is giving me a count down before exit :)

I really love this location for training :)
  • Mike F

    That was great filming. Cant believe he could follow you and still film that.

  • antigonish63

    It looks like God laid out that track with wingsuits in mind.

  • will.

    so the high five guy died in july right?

  • RC Modellflug

    i love swizerland i life in swiss

  • Emily Shonk

    does that bee follow you around Jeb ?

  • R Sánchez

    Amazing! You're part of the few people who know how to live, in a real way. Congrats!

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