Christina Aguilera - Dirrty (VIDEO) ft. Redman

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Ah, dirrty, filthy
Nasty oh, you nasty, yeah
Too dirrty to clean my act up
If you ain't dirrty, you ain't here to party
Ladies move , gentlemen move
Somebody ring the alarm, a fire on a roof
Ring the alarm and I'm throwin' elbows
Ring the alarm and I'm throwin' elbows
Ring the alarm and I'm throwin' elbows
Ring the alarm and I'm throwin' elbows
  • Manty Zee

    Christina aguilera changed the music videos of popstars after this.

  • Brenda Williams

    Xtina and I would have torn you up ...

  • Nani Simmons

    Hold up I saw the girl who was dancing with her boyfriend from RIZE the movie and I miss this

  • Julianna Eve

    There's a child in this at 3:06 uhhhhh

  • Wilfred Deslauriers

    Happy Birtday!!!"""[Too One of my Koolest!!! ::,Uncle]Mr Wil Dupras---- U Wil be Missed🍺

  • Merry D

    My boyfriend can listen to the song but he isnt allowed to watch the video :) 👊

  • Sjoerd van Gemert

    This song wrecked my life, almost butchered somebody inocent, luckely I got out of jail after 3 months, Redman en Christina in the worst way!!!

  • Tumire Timberlake

    My album and song!!😍😍😍

  • Isabel Pablo

    Lol redman punched the rabbit!

  • Citrine 13

    This is TERRIBLE, OMG. She has a great voice, but you wouldn't know it by this garbage, Sorry.

  • Martin Molina

    WTH? Looks like a dang porno. No wonder we're all messed up today. SMH.

  • benny robinson

    12,909 people are clean

  • ronsk sekio

    by love this ha reging just

  • Lena Marie

    Omg i Love this Song 😍😍😍

  • Perverted Manabe-kun

    When she started twerking XD

  • V. ?

    3:06 WTF moment :the kid wth is he doing there???

  • Jose Maria Hernandez Ortiz

    Cristina aguilera y monica naranjo divas pop!

  • ConsoleCadetz

    I forgot Redman was in this song also. Hot Christina !! DAMN

  • Gabriele Cannas

    Am I the only one who thought she has knee pad so she can go down on her knees without they hurt (I let u think for what) lol ahahah

  • Massiel Geraldino

    Danced this song at my school. I GOT SUSPENDED Xd BEST TIMES EVERR!!!! LOL

  • Diego Rodriguez


  • Tim David

    This video is so good and iconic, tbh I think this video is better than slave 4 u by Britney spears, btw I'm a Britney spears fan

  • SuperLovebug8

    Christina's most iconic music video, its sexy and badass as hell. Stripped was her era man she owned it too I was always a christina girl she's just intoxicating. Pop stars can't compete with this era Christina and Britney OWNED the 00s

  • Nicholas Entz

    Dang she was hot fya

  • muzikmon2267

    Love this video Christina at her best, and sexiest!!!

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