10 Massively Underrated Movies From The 2000s смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

How many have you seen?

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  • Hakan Damat

    Any Wes Anderson movie is brilliant.

  • Timothy Gerber

    Hey when the watching a cartoon movie on they clay? This was why they had for made the Simpsons yes? You can have a Simpsons for the list on the next time? Make you to see when they have Simpsons with a Halloween specialty movie . Is good too on it the list for being “Underrated”? Has this should make for rated ‘R’ is no only for the cartoons. Thank to you!

  • Fuzzy Bunny

    "Life Aquatic" as massively underrated? All the critics talked about for months was how they loved that movie.

  • J wes Mclaughlin

    You took many libertys with these critques by showing only brief snapshots of the worse scenes in each. Which was pretty damn good. Thanx.

  • Texus8

    Some great suggestions in the comments, but I don't think anyone's mentioned it so I'll throw in the movie "Chopper"Andrew Dominik's first movie, long before he made "The Assassination of Jesse James", and it's one hell of a ride ;)

  • vocaltalent1

    This video could use some serious editing. The real GOOD movies that missed the big screen or got poor reviews--which shoun't have, are...SunshineNothing But The TruthEastern PromisesRunning ScaredStreet KingsPATHFINDERI am going to add this one although it did get recognition. But, the recognition simply and obviously came TOO short of the glory it deserved:Apocalypto. The most breath taking and beautiful film of that decade.

  • thefilmandmusic

    The fall ... stunning

  • Gogoro Tsunami

    Kind of oddly coincidental I guess, or testament to my ability and taste in movies I watch, but I have seen over half of these(6) and now that I know of the other four, I will seek them out for viewing.

  • Robby LD

    Equilibrium is too much of a mirror in the face of Hollywood and their precious feelings.

  • Robert A

    It's obvious you're not a professional. Your opinions try to push an art concept when the film's are just shit.

  • EastCoast Skys

    How about Antichrist (2009) w/ Willem Dafoe, Charlotte GainsbourgThis movie was amazing and mind bending.A grieving couple retreat to their cabin in the woods, hoping to repair their broken hearts and troubled marriage. But nature takes its course and things go from bad to worse.



  • Doctor Strangelove

    Exam is a great mind bender.......

  • bitza1961

    valhala rising was toatal shit

  • giannis liagian

    The life Aquatic is Crap!!! Epic. I agree for the rest.

  • chowzen

    worst video backtrack ever..stop that !

  • Poolywaq Polina

    Gosh, this background music is soooo damn destructive, gives me a headache ...

  • HateRedStephen

    End Of The Line (2007) is one of my favourite movies of all time. underrated as hell..

  • Byron Smith

    I've seen all but two or three of these and I agree with all those I've seen. I'll have to check out the last few as we seem to agree on what makes a good film.

  • Joshua York

    I loveeddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Valhalla rising!!!!

  • Jeff Pleckaitis

    Was going pretty well until you mentioned The Grey. What a singular waste of time that movie is, awful in almost every aspect.

  • kury vick

    Brotherhood of the Wolf!

  • DirtyChito

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of the most underrated movies, imo.

  • VonDeliriumTremens

    Please understand that 'underrated' does not mean 'movie I never heard of', especially when one is hardly a movie fan, what is pretty obvious given the content of the videos. Seriously, 5 out of 10 movies mentioned received very positive reviews and awards and were also vastly popular among intended audiences.'Moon' received rave reviews and was praised for being a rare hard-sf gem among modern science fiction movies. Script and performance were also noted for being top-notch. Nominated to 17 prestigious awards, won good half of them.'The Guard' became and instant cult classic in Ireland, was considered the best movie of the year and gathered almost unanimously positive reviews (e.g. 94% rating on RT if this means anything). Again, nominated for almost twenty awards, won good half of them. 'Mary and Max' also received universally positive reviews, mainly thanks to great voice acting, clever script and well-executed black comedy. It also generated large revenue in all countries that screened it (for some reason in USA ot has been only released as video on demand).'In Bruges' was universally praised, especially being a début for director and writer. Most reviews stress the great performance of the main cast and the intelligently contrived plot. Received several awards including Golden Globe.'The Fall' and 'Valhalla Rising' received a similar treatment - these movies were almost universally praised by critics abroad for non-standard approach, but were also criticised for somehow incoherent plot that was by far outweighed by elaborate visuals (although the review were still pretty favourable). According to some American critics, 'The Fall' was one of the best movies of 2008, even accounting for the fact it was virtually a glamourized remake of the Bulgarian movie from the 1980's.

  • Evan Haines

    sunshine and the fountain

  • W. Johnson


  • xLu1G1x

    Watched a couple of those films. Definitely you have an awesome taste for movies.

  • btrims02

    the grey was absolutely fucking terrible. he punched a wolf for 1 second. Spoiler alert. When the wolves come back for revenge, they stare each other down..then the movie ends. no shit. The single action scene that was on the trailer was legit the ending climax. FLaming dumpster fire, throws your whole list into question.

  • redplague

    The only ones I'd disagree with from this list are Moon and In Bruges. Those are very well rated. Under-watched maybe but everyone who I've heard speak about these films has rated them very highly.

  • Blahblahblah

    um, the fountain had over 205,000 ratings and a 7.3 average...um, hardly "massively underrated"

  • Matthew Stephens

    After looking over the comment for a while (great choices by the way), here are a couple I would add that I did not see:1. Minority Report (It's Spielberg and generally well liked, but no one seems to have ever seen the damn thing.)2. The Prestige 3. A.I. (Spielberg again! Yet another movie that no one seems to have seen when I ask them)

  • boza pub

    lord of the rings helloooooo how is that not nb1 i dont understand

  • Alexandre Maddalena

    Perfect Sense by David Mackenzie

  • Cosmin Ritivoi

    How dare you put a movie like the Grey on the same list as in Bruges and Valhalla rising?? Total bull.! Gtfo.

  • Ray Ray

    Ooooo nooo. I've seen them all. I have a problem 😬🤣

  • Caden Davidson

    I've been pronouncing life aquatic and tomatoes wrong

  • Roy Fileger

    I watched two of the movies mentioned and I couldn't begin to relate them to the extravagant descriptions of this video.

  • Alexei Romanov

    THE FOUNTAIN is fu@king amazing!

  • PanosSG55 (Dropin Pool)

    cool video but that psy-trance-goa music in the back stressed me the fuck out

  • Bobtendo64

    Despite being commercial successes Avatar and Star Trek 2009 are highly overrated films.

  • Yago Pérez

    The grey has a main failure that made it impossible for me to enjoy. An expert in survival was not aware they were entering the wolfs lair? I knew it just out of logic. I agree with In Bruges and The guard should be top 3. Also 7 psychopaths,enemy and children of men could've made the list

  • Wollemand

    Valhalla Rising is total crap

  • MacGreviousHammer

    Why is there RAVE MUSIC in the background? Starts dancing

  • Juanita Huffman

    So thrilled to see The Fall on your list as it is one of my favorite movies of all time.

  • Aethgeir

    Valhalla Rising looks awesome! Definitely going to give that one a watch.

  • William Norton

    There will always be movies that will be underrated.One such movie was the 1930s sci-fi movie Things To Come, based upon and actually guided behind the scenes by science fiction author H.G. Wells.It shows the second World War going on for decades, the collapse of society, its eventual return and evolution.

  • Doctor Strangelove

    The Guard is one of my favorites...........great, and get better each viewing.

  • B2Tall

    "Valhalla Rising" is a really good, if unconventional, film. Very re-watchable.

  • Buddha Misanthrope

    you answered your question: they are underrated because those films are mainly about effects and visual and cinematic technics => they have nothing more to teach or it has already been done like for Moon: the clone subject has already been overexploited.

  • Matt Boniface

    If you haven't watched, 'In Bruges', you really should. It's a phenomenal movie and you won't regret sitting down and treating yourself the way that the movie has to offer. I swear you won't regret it.

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