Jeb Corliss Recounts His Table Mountain Flying Accident - CONAN on TBS

Jeb Corliss escaped table mountain with just a couple of broken ankles, a broken fibula, a torn ACL and a huge gash in his leg. Not bad!
  • BeLikeWater1000

    30 second ads cmon conan

  • lebnen143

    this guy one craziest men who ever lived this guy is upove dangerous he have faced death many times jeb his still do this

  • George Georgio

    how much does a suit like that cost?

  • taius20

    whos the presenter? seems a right nob.

  • tiov3001

    Thats amazing! Conan tells it like it is. 

  • Tetrodioxide

    Jeb Corliss is the official bad ass of all time in my book.

  • vjrei

    Lets interview his mom now.

  • Joe Smith

    Wingsuit flying is possible without the stupidity of getting within inches of rock.

  • Masita atisam

    with all my respct for formula 1 drivers , cage fighters , bobsledgers ..this man has ball,s of steel !!man even if one gave me 10000 bucks i still would say no !!

  • J White

    that was actually table mountain sandstone that you flew into mate

  • John Riggs

    Can't wait for my wingsuit to come in the mail... I got it on eBay!

  • Joe Smith

    One things for certain: it's the craziest thing I ever saw anyone do.  Lots of these people die doing this, ones that are supposedly 'smart' and experienced and great'.

  • Craigo

    This is a fantastic video, Jeb Corliss is f....... amazing!

  • matsta177

    I was born in cape town and did allot of jumping off table mountain and I can confirm it is a fucking scary thing to jump off.

  • NYC

    The host is botoxed and faked tanned like hell

  • samhouston2000

    Stop saying I was flying, you wouldn't say it unless you are high. Humans don't fly you moron, you were gliding.

  • Tom Mursell

    This guys a fruitcake

  • march11stoneytony

    I really don't think he was down plying the injuries. He was lucky to not lose his legs

  • Uchiha Hikaku

    You're searching for an answer aren't you Jeb? I wish i could talk with you the day you find it because i feel like i'm looking for the same thing....

  • Jericho Green

    Conan actually made me lol 😂 "Nothin! I do difficult interviews all the Time" LMFAO that was funny

  • Anonymous

    Jeb is my role model, so is Conan, Ellen, and Eminem.

  • Victor Almanzar

    I commend his bravery for doing something this dangerous, but I really wan't to know whats going on in this dudes brain. Is he willing to sacrifice his life so easily? why?

  • Chris Close

    Somewhere between 1 and 3 inches lower and he is dead.   He is writing checks he will cash with his death.

  • RobertDeville

    I wonder if they do this sort of stuff to make themselves more interesting because they are so dull & boring in the real world?

  • iTossPonies

    Is Jeb still alive, well, and active? I'm wondering o3o

  • The Genetic Machine

    New drinking game-Take a shot every time he says "actually" or "basically"

  • TheSillyOldDude

    Watched this to hear Jeb.O'Brien is a boring wanker.

  • DoubleSwee

    hes lucky he didnt hit his dick on the rock and lose it

  • Ladovinka513

    No padding in suit, like it will help doing 200 km/h hitting rock.

  • Jesus Christhole

    Only a handful will experience the primal human dream of flying like a bird.

  • BackToSchool

    wingsuits are awesome no doubt. there is NO reason whatsoever to hit targets. fly in big open areas and enjoy yourself. dont push the limits on this shit. its not worth it.

  • Tony England

    Man, I wish Conan would let him get to the end of a sentence instead of interrupting him constantly

  • Mtn Dew

    Wish I could afford doing something like this.

  • Destroyer of Worlds

    Conan has such a big head.

  • Jack Montgomery

    The Amazing Jeb Corliss....

  • Jerzeecanuck

    If you are on a PC, keep hitting 6 while watching the video.

  • area 51

    His balls stopped him!

  • Alexey Slepov

    Jeb goes so far beyond limits of what is possible! He is outstanding stuntman!

  • aburgheim

     Never realized what a grand pathetic circus surounds all these shallow lonely people. The money spend is wasted on an event that supports what? Has what meaning? Helps who? Oh yeah i get it............... red bull...... an other fantastic idea that makes lonely hearts beat a little faster. Jeb Corliss and all these other shameless narcistic actors represent nothing that truly has meaning. All it could show us all, is how degenerate western culture has become. Sponsered idiocy on a grand scale. Look i jumped at a baloon...... lol Big deal............. Wake up people, wake up!!

  • Herkko Koskinen

    I find it absolutely insane that he managed to recover from the collision.. And so damn quickly too. "No time to be shocked now"Alot of people would've started panicing moments before the impact, he didn't panic for even a second after it. That's one cool headed guy :O

  • Stephanie H

    2:35.. Watch it slowly. He removes a rock with the foot. -- Maybe when balloons isn't heroic enough, next thing these guy try to do. Kick small rocks of cliffs at 120mph. ^.^Fkn maniacs.

  • Sarah G

    Great guys, each in their own way.

  • Kirk Meyers

    Probably the best recovery in a wingsuit in history.

  • Gordon Gibbons

    Jeb Corliss is to stud as Conan O'Brien is to little pussy

  • Andrew Herbert

    Needs to be a separate hospital for idiots like this, with no anesthetic

  • madzangels

    Bet he has very masculine testicles

  • teppichbefeuchter

    paint his face yellow and he looks like a miniion

  • SpartanUruk

    He was so fucking lucky, look how close he was to hitting his whole body, he would have been dead no questions.... this is one of the most dangerous sports ever! Probably the most dangerous actually! 

  • 2centavos

    I enjoy playing Russian Roulette with live rounds. When I blow my brains out one day, people will say of me 'he died doing what he loved.' What life is worth living without risking the splattering of your brains onto the nearest wall or cieling? I have a saying that keeps me motivated: "Better dead with some lead in my head than to posit from my bedroom closet." I don't think I could survive a bullet to the brain- I just don't think the gun will ever go off. Gotta stay positive, right? I am currently looking for some sponsors for my "sport" so if anyone knows anyone at Redbull or GoPro please hook me up.

  • Jay Flippen

    The new human skipping stone trick.  Chance of survival: minimal.Jeb Corliss vs. Gravity. Corliss wins.

  • Derek Ortiz

    That's your one freebie jeb. Next time you splat like Weston.

  • Hagen Steele

    That should go down as one of THE most epic recoveries in the history of parachuting.

  • SoulDevil92

    I love you Conan <3

  • MuzTee Gaming

    jeb you are AMAZING human being repect dude ur living life to the fullest i wish i had ur balls!

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