The Ultimate Fails Compilation ✔

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A compilation featuring the best of Failarmy U.


  • BassManBobBassCovers

    10:26 that's no fail !!

  • xxxjoey FaZexxx

    What was that guy eating

  • Abduazim Azamatuly


  • staf lauwers

    💗📹🎞🙊☝️💳 🍀🐠🌹 Angelina Jolie Sex Video

  • rohan kapadia

  • Laila Adamu

    Some of these fails are the ones whose behind the camera laughing it's unbelievable how annoying some of these laughs are 😂😂😂😂

  • Dap eadi

    The mysterious physics of the human body

  • Grinchovitczky

  • jezna račka

    18:04 hahahaha Karma

  • staf lauwers

    💖🙉😆🛀💳 🥂🎄 👏🏽😵☃️ Angelina Jolie Sex Video

  • UnexpectedBanana

    0:21 he doesn't even land on his head and he still holds his hand against it? What?

  • Andy Hyun

    The kid flinging his middle fingers😂😂😂

  • Ali Jatoi

  • Shzpop Arambula

    Who's watching this in person


  • Daniel Pratt Reshaping Our World

    Roflmfao....the kid @ 5:57....FUCK Y'ALL!! 😆😆😆

  • Chris Selig

    Anytime I see some wins in a fail compilation, I immediately downvote. It's the rule.

  • Szymon Przesłański

    0:35 meanwhile in the army

  • Untrepid One

    2:30. It's true about how dirty India is.

  • PurgeHater

    I have sleep Anxiety which is feeling anxious when your sleeping Its quite common my Teacher in college said to watch Somthing funny before bed it's pretty much the medicine for sleep anxiety but it does actually help

  • MetmemezTeam100


  • Enraged Pepper

    3:57 what is the dog doing??

  • staf lauwers

    🖤💗💖😃👌☝️👀💰💵🍀 Scarlett Johansson Sex Video

  • Dude-iyapa see something good ;)

  • C-Martz

    8:47, did that hurt?

  • David Tingwald

    I'm the 206,085,671st viewer! Woohooo!!

  • GamerSe7en

    At 10:25 that ain't a fail dope primo slide

  • LewisMDesign

    After 6 years of seeing this video suggested or recommended to me, this is the first time I've watched it. 11 seconds in, I realised what I was getting myself into, and will now leave. Fuck these types of videos, and fuck these types of channels. Get off my homepage. I don't care about seeing videos lacking credit slapped together with an intro at the start that end up making some guy with Windows Movie Maker a millionaire. This is like Instagram meme accounts before Instagram was a thing. I am disgusted in myself for even clicking on this video after the amount of time I've left it for.Who's watching in 2017? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • I Want The Tresh Figurine

    3:56 Nice Background 👍

  • wlyisoon.


  • el gamer

    3:57 that dog was fucking up the ball😂🤣

  • YankeeDoodleDandy

    The lad @5.48 has me crying with laughter 😂

  • Vengeful Toaster

    When the black girls fake hair comes off 😂😂

  • AvaAndPickle Yea

    The second one looked like the girl was a doll and the father was like " You know what, I WORKED HARD TODAY, and now I get to reeeellllllaaaaaaxxxxx" ( Jumps on bed and kills daughters doll)

  • godfather happy

    My kids love watching your videos.

  • Gods eye this very funny cctv footage stunt fails

  • Aleksandr Klenov

  • Buil Dinit


  • staf lauwers

    💓🌶😄💷🥇🍷🦋👏🏽🤴🏻😻 Charlize Theron Sex Video

  • I like dragons An so do you

    It's been 4. Years an I still love this as a teenI'm. 19 now an I still love these fails XD

  • Jakari Wheeler

    The guy had his nose popped by them workout ropes. LMFAO!!!

  • wlyisoon.

    Dog:-Have you ever been there?Child:-Simple MaxDog:-He is an artist! You're good!

  • Ferenc Molnar

    💗📼💶⌛️ 🎖🍹 Rihanna szex videó

  • Vanilla Gorilla

    That poor black girl on the swing tho... lmmfao

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