Captain Planet Movie Trailer (FAN-MADE) смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

THE OFFICIAL FAN-MADE Captain Planet TRAILER: After 10 years of being apart, Captain Planet and the Planeteers must reunite once again.

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Just another white guy making sketch comedy about social media, relationships and other funny weird randomness. The smartest idiot you’ll ever meet. Your new best friend.

Produced by Noah Baron, Matt Kohler & Robert Santi
Directed by Jay Diaz
Cinematography by Tony Joun
A fan film made purely for fun! Transformative use for parody purposes.
Twitter #CaptainPlanetTrailer

  • Victor Kenarsy

    Why Gaia look like a porn star in a toga

  • Alvin Verga

    When was this aired? Is this a real movie? Too good to be fan made.

  • orelas1

    Ugh! I thought the "Power Rangers got old" fan-movie was brilliant, but it doesn't work for the Planeteers. Too cliched.

  • John Adams

    Well this looks like its going to really suck. But you never know.

  • mouatez billy

    is this Shit calld a movie ???

  • Richhommiec _

    THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN YOU NEED TO CALL UP SOME HOLLYWOOD PRODUCERS TELL THEM YOUR IDEA SHOW THEM THIS AND THEN YOULL BECOME RICH DUDE , the 90's kids will form huge lines at the movie theater dying to see this movie and 2018 kids will love it too you for reals need to produce a professionally made captain planet movie dude

  • Cristina Arrue

    Deberían realizar una película ya que la contaminación esta en todos el mundo y serviría de mucho esta peli

  • Angeluzito08

    El capitán planeta parece un Mario Bross con exceso de esteroides xDD

  • Maria Motilo

    Viva o Capitão Punheta!!!!!!

  • Macnavor

    Is he brother of Kurt Vagnar (Nightcrawler) and son of Mystique???

  • AmetReloads

    Captain Planet wears a bra and has tits!!!

  • Javier Hagendijk

    a serie reboot would be better in my opinion

  • Daniel Pelagio

    I hope they do make a movie !

  • Finnbar Hilferty Warren

    I would watch the shit out of this, to be honest.

  • Get out of my car now !

    Awesome idea great work

  • Mrs. Cute Quel

    Why did people dislike the video? Didn't they get that it's just a very well done fan made video? This is amazing!

  • Linda Manley

    this should be a real thing like if u agree

  • Lyubomir Kovachev

    Говно ебаное ! Шлак чушь собачья . никому не интересно давай по новой

  • yunus shaikh

    don't do pollotiun

  • Julius Aguilera

    Too cheap n i love it!!! 😗

  • Laura M

    And almost 6 years later... we really really need a Captain Planet revival. Long overdue.

  • Carlos Calderon

    that is as DR blight must act

  • Preston's LPS Game Room

    That was cool now I’d pay to c that 👍🏻👍🏻


    this needs to be a fkn movie!

  • truth buster

    Awesome... Just awesome... I if I was a millionaire, I wound fund at least 300 episodes.

  • Jeremy Morgan

    I would legit buy 7 movie tickets

  • ronindebeatrice

    I WILL WATCH THE FUCK OUT OF THIS. Gi is got A.F. The movie should have Vincent Dinofrio.


    She didnt even hit her u cud see the fake acting at * 2:25 *

  • Romeal Zoomalan

    Hudson leick should be Dr blight

  • QibuckCoins

    A glimpse of Mr Pollution there near the end,nice!

  • Terry The Cat :3

    21K trump supporters

  • MaRy G.

    that captain planet looks weird I like the cartoon one lol lol

  • AppleConsumer

    What a shit fanmade video

  • mike the man

    well done . id watch that

  • Joshua R

    The dislikes came from the dumb bitches who didn't read that this was fanmade.

  • Bully Violator

    Holy crap this is freaken Awesome.Why is this the first time I've seen this in my search results cause I'm disappointed it never showed up sooner and it blew me away.They need to make this a real movie but not mess up and stray from this concept cause if they do they will screw it up.

  • MultiGoona

    I remember captain planet from back in the day... and use to love it! But c'mon that was just pure cheese looked so fake lol!! good effort though 🌍☢. Next they'll be a remake for magic school bus lols

  • Crissy Olivia

    They did a good job.

  • probotboyxxx


  • ALAN werneck

    So pelo trailler ja se sabe que sera um lixo

  • Ronald Castaneda

    LMAO!!! That last bit was halarious!!!

  • Camron Ramsey

    I wish this could be a real movie

  • Ivar Lasses

    The power of heart sounds lame af

  • P Ferreira

    Blimey this is awful.

  • Ren Koji Raines

    I was hoping for this movie

  • so I herd u liek mudkipz

    Ok...lets start a comment chain.CAPTAIN PLANET! HE'S OUR HERO!

  • Ren Koji Raines

    You've gave sorrow to captain planet fans.....good work on the trailer tho

  • Dazanar

    wow amazing!!! so cool!

  • Axel Shahrier

    I have a dick power how'bout that? Anyone willing to make a fan movie about it?

  • Artaxerxes E. Clipson

    Let's get started making this movie!

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