Jeb Corliss flying the Matterhorn in Switzerland

Jeb Corliss flying the Matterhorn in Switzerland within five feet of the jagged cliff-face

(Lasts about 43mins)Full Video Download Here
  • joe green

    Top 5 wingsuit videos of all time, too close!!!!!

  • Kman Kevin

    next Bond film will have James jumping off a cliff and gliding down a ridge to land safely in a small alpine village,,just wait and see!

  • Matthew Crowell

    Welcome back Jeb! The skies missed you!

  • SugarhillGangMan

    he has a disease called counterphobia if u had it you wouldnt care either :D still one of my idols love that guy

  • maurizio marconcini

    you are amazing Jeb

  • Mike .Downey

    Yeah, me too. Have to start getting into this area.

  • Adrien Denis

    @Mike Green but more people drive than skydive, but i think that the ratio is still lower in skydiving. just not as much.

  • Thatcher N

    What helmet is that?

  • Sasa Popovic

    great, GREAT,   G  R  E  A  T  !!!

  • Crunge92

    Surely his mother is used to him doing this sort of stuff by now.

  • Flyboy207

    Protection Devices: Suit, Helmet, Extra large cup.

  • Gemeral dis

    maybe in 15 years they will have relay races of this, like passing torches and flying competitions.and all be filmed by multiple camera's, and live, at the olympics.

  • iriefuse024

    gnarliest dude ever

  • F'shagadoo

    Jeb, I know your mom is proud of you cause you've conquered fear. I mean, your FUCKIN FEARLESS!! but I know shes scared for you too! we are just watching!!

  • freecodyx

    Learning to fly - pink floyd

  • Ornery Fpv

    before the world of gopro. awesome!

  • Benjamin Boedker

    I see what you did there Buzz.

  • nocommentglobe blogspotcom

    I like Jeb good boy. but I enjoy doing business. to blow it up to the clouds! - iyi çocuk

  • wallpaperkilla

    way way way too edited...

  • Bernd Bolner

    Is that the Guy from 'Boooom Headshot' ?

  • Tracy Ball

    Jeb I am straight up proud of you for being you... OMG you are soo real.

  • azzazx6r

    1:06 Is the camera strapped to his erection or something?

  • Simo wood

    Gee you put your mom through some stress, still the man

  • Chris

    Him talking to his mother might be the coolest thing in the video. And flying the mountain was truly badass.

  • Shea Ross

    flying is the ability to throw yourself at the ground and mis

  • Elidoransgar

    His mom is so sweet. My mom is the same way, though admittedly, she doesn't have to worry about me flying down the Matterhorn.

  • Qminoo

    Batman? Batman?? BATMAN?!? Dude, Batman's biggest role model is Jeb. :)

  • Eligio Tidei


  • Bongboi99

    It's just smoke haha

  • cas six

    can somone tell me what the piano music at the end is please

  • thecannibalfromhell

    his last words in the video sum all thats there is to life,what a man ,My Idol......salute you man

  • Brian Heiden

    Your mom is a cool lady Jeb. Your the man dude,balls of fucking steel!

  • tsakalove

    "life is just a bunch of experiences you have till you die. Thats really it. It's simple you know, and I just want to make those exeriences as incredible as I possibly can." Words to live by

  • UserMRKR

    wonder who the more courageous person is.. Jeb.. or his mom..

  • janos filo

    i basicly jumped out a helicopter, i approached the mountain, i flew over the ridges you know... 5-10 feet flown out the whole mountain... it was FUN... i just realized that i never have done any fun stuff before :(

  • Tunnel Rat

    he has counterphobia - he wants to confront fear, i read it on another video

  • David E. Vincent

    Love and keep watching Jeb's X-men performances. But today I noticed that he also added what must be a meteor burning up at the top of the screen, right of center, 5:53 to :56.

  • Zerkerageness101

    Whats the soundtrack from 0:55-1:56 ?

  • RSRestless

    Protection Devices: Suit, Helmet, Extra Large Cup, Extra Pair of Pants. lol :D

  • ecido

    Is the smoke trail coming from being really cold or is it some special effect??

  • mellilore

    MAN... BARE HANDS... I would have been dead just for that!!! I'm not going to tell you "Take care" or things like that, it's quite clear you won't, I just wish you good luck :)

  • windtalker006

    Falling in class hehe

  • Drzip666

    That's what they said about Steve Irwin.

  • Marti Naroshkin

    That jump is made when he's left hand was broken!

  • Mou1Di

    i wanna be like this guy how iam 16 ???????/

  • vtnsx

    i had a near death experience. It made me appreciate more about life.


    Damn he did come really close to splatting on that cliff face at the beginning.

  • scottclaudet

    Wing-nut... am I right?

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