Jeb Corliss and Luigi Cani - Balls Pyramid смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

A few years back a fan posted a picture of Balls Pyramid on my FB page and asked if it could be jumped. When I saw the picture I couldn't believe the place was real. I thought it had been photoshopped. I then started doing a little research on google and found out the place was very real and next to an amazing island called Lord Howe. I sent the picture to my very good friend Luigi Cani and asked him if he thought this would make a good location for a project. He said absolutely and he started putting everything together to go there and fly wing-suits next to this amazing and beautiful location. It may be the single most beautiful place I have ever been. It really did feel like an alien landscape from another planet.

Music - Prituri se planinata

Cameras by:
Base gear by:
Protective bags by:
Wing-suits by:
Head phones by:
  • Thom smith

    Fucking annoying music

  • jeaniebird

    I see why it's called "Balls Pyramid."

  • HeliZero

    Hey Jeb! Amazing video as always. What happen to your wingsuit and especially your parachute after a dip in the salty water. Do you use it again after a wash in freshwater? I am a former hangglider pilot and i have seen microscopic salt-crystals do damage over time to dacron fabric on hanggliders.Thanks!

  • Chris Daldy-Rowe

    Proof the Earth isnt flat...great video..thnx m8

  • Jasper

    Id be worried about bird strikes on this one. Absolutely beautiful though

  • grn dragon

    I would love to try climbing that island. Then base jump it.

  • MrJimbodian

    Which came first, GoPro or Wingsuit fying? It's a chicken and egg problem.

  • simon clarke

    STELLAMARA fantastic voice

  • Per Kärnebro

    Has anyone attempted to winsh someone down to the peak? It would be awsome to see a picure from there.

  • 半缘君

    bloody awsome! i want do it !

  • Salko

    one of those days I'm happy I taught myself Bulgarian and experienced Bulgarian culture...

  • Pasha Defragzor

    I'd jump too if it was under the water ^^

  • moz

    mother nature - the greatest sculptor - breathtaking

  • Christopher Sanchez

    They found Tom Hanks.

  • John Barnett

    'Stellamara - Prituri se planinata'. Artist and song.

  • matthew brigton

    The music doesn't do this video Justice

  • abey koshy

    Views to die for. Fucking masterpiece is what this is.

  • Tony Angel

    Thank you for such an amazing video...What a epic place!

  • Chas No

    That is living - that is what it means to be alive.

  • Louis VT

    Proof that the earth is not flat

  • Gari Usabiaga

    Jeb do u sell posters or smt?I would love to watch to this dreamy paradaise every thime i wake up

  • kuwinsitall

    Neat article about guys summiting it in the 1960s....


    When my mom heard da music ,she was like who died!???

  • moofushu

    Good lord, some men will do just about anything to avoid spending some time with their wives.

  • D Singh

    Amazing view and music!

  • boombapboom

    the real question is could you get dropped off at the top then exit from the top.

  • Amy Diede

    This is where they found the huge stick bugs they thought were extinct. They were living by only a couple of bushes wedged between rocks. Amazing.

  • Seth Sturgill

    ... you're not Wilson.. WILSON!!

  • Frodo

    a bird strike would be devastating!

  • chaspfrank

    With all of the gulls flying around, would not want to make a head-on bird strike in a winged suit. Could ruin your day!

  • Mr. Swirly

    My favorite video of yours

  • marc cheynne

    tha t earth looks like an egg you cunt


    lets get off the plantation, the enclosed flat earth=slavery, let the jwo religion go

  • Dark Matters

    Omg....the sad...

  • Kodi Schitter

    Jeb Corliss is my hero.

  • Goran Kraljevic Koehler

    0:54 What animals are those? It's hard to see, but if you pay attention you can distinguish a couple of them moving on the left side of the mountain (I'm not talking about the seagulls)

  • marc cheynne

    video is called go cunt pro

  • Martin Szy

    My Mom and 2 Brothers I Forgive Hollly Weird TV life.

  • Wanjoo Kim

    Music is from Mystere des Voix Bulgeres. Literally translated, Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices. A fantastic album. French production if memory serves me right.

  • Andi Brahimllari

    guys the combination of this view with this track is great,makes me feel like going in another dimension,imagine these guys who really fly???but,i guess they dont listen this kind of music when flying.i guess they dont listen at music at all when they fly,migh be a bit tricky.there are head phones shown in the credits,i guess they are for comnunication.

  • Geoffroy Bresson

    Wish I could go there...

  • Paulo Francisco

    Que massa!!! Luigi Cani e Jeb Corliss!!!!

  • lessismore

    Love the ZZTop guy at the end !

  • Abdulkadir Enes Kıral

    neden gladyatöre bağladınız ki. yoksa çekimler nays

  • Steve Whyte

    This is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen

  • Ravedaze

    If one human being is living his life to the full.. it's jeb

  • Radu Campean

    Stellamara prituri se planinata The name of the song,I love it...same The video

  • Gibbet Hoskins

    What an amazing Island, would love to rock climb it

  • vidviggy

    WTF? Stupid video, and more stupid music. I'll bet all 4 of you are the aholes that cut me off in traffic. I told you I would get my payback.

  • Anonymous Ano

    Beautiful song , beautiful scenery.

  • Michael Olson

    Jeb you are such an inspiration.

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