This was my selection for the fact that these are not only mind opening movies but also enjoyable while watching.Leave your movie choices in the comment below.
  • Darth Kaz

    Coherence??? Anyone?

  • Animesh Timsina

    Shutter Island....a mind boggling psychological thriller with a jaw dropping twist at the end that will make viewers go crazy for a week or 2!......Trust me folks!

  • Marco Santucci

    the best mind opening movie is your own life...

  • makaw666makaw

    4 xDDDDDDD are you blind? xDDDD

  • ·····

    But there were so many more worthy to be on this list.. The Man From Earth, Coherance, Identity, Requiem For A Dream, Moon, 6 Souls, Seven Sisters, The Caller, The Signal..

  • Birds Eye FPV

    Ah lad, the fact you have Lucy as number 2 makes me very suspicious of any other movie that you have on here. Lucy was in one word Pants.

  • Antheaaa L

    Shutter IslandThe PrestigePredestination InceptionSplitSource Code

  • Rich Daggett

    interstellarman on firegood will huntingMatrix (1)*Shot Caller,(Honorable Mention, new flick must see)

  • Jean_C Y

    Equilibrium as well..

  • Daniel de Windt

    id rather mention The Matrix instead of Lucy. Quality movies should make you think. Lucy is nice to see.... just once. Matrix is nice over and over again

  • jasper budiono

    stop watching after 0:50

  • SpaceWombatMedia

    waking life is the best movie on this list fosho

  • John Connor

    The island Gamer 2009THX 1138Tron: Legacy

  • A l e x a n d e r

    A bunch of fanciful pseudoscientific bullshit that will only further stupify the stupid credulous masses to create a new generation of morons who cannot discern what is fake or what is real, what is true and what is bullshit. Instead of making movies that challenge the credibility of science why don't they make movies that show how science challenges the credibility of bullshit? Because it's not in the interests of the political/corporate and ruling elite to have people know the difference.

  • Bernard Poindexter

    lucy lmao was ultra trash

  • Gari Makaya

    i would also mention attack on titan but the movie adaptation is not that good

  • hgrgic

    Shutter Island is a masterpiece. DiCaprio should have got the Academy Award for this one.

  • Hazey

    4:21 What happens when she reaches 100%?....Turns into a Memory Stick

  • Santosh Kumar

    Hello, what about inception? It is a damn good movie, too

  • Carolina Simonovich

    The I Origins trailer tells u just.... everything.!

  • 7 fantastic

    nice movies also visit some other time movies...

  • Jesse Anger


  • Hoggar Krababbel

    Lucy is the kind of film you find smart, if you are seriously stupid. I'm not talking average intelligence. Borderline retarded is what I am saying! Liking that movie also demonstrates a character flaw, because it can't even be enjoyed as a hilariously bad movie. It's too pretentious to work that way. Lucy is a film I put in a category with the Nazi-Propaganda film "The Eternal Jew", because the content attacks our integrity as humans. Luc Besson should be turned over to The Hague Tribunal for that film and willingly swallow poison during his sentencing, in order to wash away his sin.

  • Goran Lesendric

    Shutter Island is an old movie from 2010.

  • AnyaginPsyDermann

    I origins just a campainmovie for the Iphone X #JK #facerecognition #retinascan_madafaka

  • aniruddh sharma

    just watch "shutter island" no questions asked

  • Gari Makaya

    make a top ten,cloud atlas,predestination and the matrix deserve to be on the list

  • Tomás Hornos

    I hate so much how these trailers give the entire movie away. I feel like if I had just watched the whole thing.

  • Gee

    you call sience fiction movies 'mind opening' ?! seriousluy ..

  • dasun chathuranga

    Up side down In time

  • adityabeatz

    except waking life and shutter island rest all are shit

  • Christopher Bernardi

    Im sorry but even if I origins seemed just like my kind of movie i just couldnt hold myself laughing on the whole thing :) Guess i have to see it but was quite a bit comical in a way :)

  • Pepe

    Where the shit is " the man who knew infinity"

  • CarryCherry92

    Another Earth made me think more than I Origins. After the movie.

  • Harsha Tharanga

    Don't miss "Requiem for a Dream"

  • Bala

    Lucy, a quality movie. I fuckin kek'd

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