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On Golgotha, W.A.S.P. are staying true to the biblical horror stories they employed on Babylon (2009): the name-giving place of skulls is the hill Jesus Christ was crucified upon. Faithful Blackie Lawless fans had to wait for new material for six years – and this album was damn well worth the wait! Golgotha follows the path that was established with Babylon and Dominator and is soaring to new heights with highly melodic metal anthems that also feature balladesque moments. A timeless slab of music that proves once more how important W.A.S.P. are to our scene!

Produced by: Viktor Nagy / Mihaszna Film
  • Santi Garijo

    pasan los año y seguis siendo los putos amos.eskerrik asko

  • Peter Št

    Golgotha mraz mi ide po chrbete....top...

  • Linda Marie

    WASP never disappoints, Love it!!

  • Ευγενία Θεοδωροπούλου

    he is not saying that he believes in jesus I guess.... he asked him if he is here :P

  • Eric Bishop

    Break the chain's that bond you in Jesus name blood of Christ Jesus set you Free.

  • Honey Badger

    Too old to fuck like a beast I guess. Maybe Lucifer's magic does not make Blackie numb anymore.

  • Aleksey Mironov

    Это ЧТО ТО!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pije Aga

    cool lyrics, God bless you!

  • Ham Cat's

    ¡Que buena cancion carajo! 👍

  • Andrey Golovchenko

    У меня Душа сотрясается, слушая эту композицию

  • Jace Andrew

    I'm not going to lie I much prefer their earlier angrier stuff but this is still amazing, blacky has one of the best voices ever

  • The Sentinel

    There is absolutely nothing more rebellious in the fucking world than believing in Jesuschrist (fuck the NWO). And Blackie is the utmost rebel.BTW masterful ballad.

  • Ivan Golub

    Прекрасная песня , а текст !

  • richard dabill

    Saw WASP perform this live at leeds Academy last night, noticed Blackie said prayer to himself at end. Brave song to do live but love it

  • Trevor Paulson

    People change, thoughts change as you grow older. I never thought of W.A.S.P. as a satanic group ever. Maybe a little bit warped or perverted at times but not evil. Rock has always gotten a bad rap just because it is so loud or heavy "only bad boys or girls listen to that kinda music" type stereotype. Only now has rock and metal been accepted by all types of musicians especially for Christian metal bands that are trying to get the word out to people who only listen to metal or rock. Blacky Lawless I believe has always had faith he was just lost and now that he's older and wiser he's found something that he believes in and wants to share it with the world.

  • Allan Hindmarch

    OH NO!Each to their own, but I used to respect Blackie. He showed he was a man looking for answers, but becoming a born again christian just says to me that he's given up on truth.

  • Maxime Phuket

    Damn ... I even wonder if I'm gonna see them in October if they start talking religious shit

  • neb519

    This shows nobody can outreach Jesus' Light

  • Wade Guidry

    Cool, I didn't know Blackie is a Christian!

  • ArcadiA

    Brano a dir poco...Sublime

  • Vitaliy Terpugov

    Плохо прикрытый плагиат, понятно с кого сняли-Queen The Show Must Go On.

  • ilen daniles

    toda una joya y no porque se vistan raro todos los metaleros a huevo tenemos que ser satanicos donde dice eso libre albeldrio señores

  • Marty Schriver

    this song made me cry

  • The Satanic Trucker

    Blackie, you are a fucking sellout! Time to throw all of my W.A.S.P. CDs in the trash.

  • sabrina spaggiari


  • Dion Francis

    Fuck,  I've got goose bumps all  over...I believe!!

  • neb519

    Oh how so many need Jesus. we all need Him.

  • Dan Maginnis

    This song is incredible live. Saw them last night and Blackie's voice was superb!


    I used to love this band in 80tis.but now are mad ,confused and delusional.Maybe they need money from bible belt in crazy US.

  • César Mejía

    W.A.S.P. I salute you for all these years of perfect songs.

  • Music lover

    Splendid album in my collection, thanks for vid.

  • Stevie Genoski


  • Alan Buffon

    Jesus , eu preciso de você agora

  • Felipe Corzo

    666k Suscribers! how ironic lol. Wonderful song btw.

  • Ralph Filigenzi

    It's nice to know Jesus Christ is alive and is saving and changing lives today like Blackie Lawless, Alice Cooper, Dave Mustaine and many others who could not find joy and peace in what the world has to offer.

  • Don Richard

    Blackie Lawless And Wasp Rules! ☠🤘

  • ACE Denham

    Never have I fast forwarded and or skipped any W.A.S.P. Thanx for the way the music makes me feel. The complete range of emotion since f$#& like a beast to this Golgotha..

  • Hades Eye

    Wtf? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Hail Swaróg! Hail Odin! Metal + jewish peasant stories? Hell no!

  • OnSergLine

    Man... the only bad boy turn Christian band that roooocks no matter is it bout being an animal or giving your self to Jesus cult. Very happy for Blackie being on the road he is and hope band ll keep going that strong for as long as possible.

  • michal michal

    the best christian song i've ever heard

  • UndergroundSudoeste


  • Ja tack

    The Show Must Go On.

  • dragancexz

    doug do a fuckin` masterpiece solo !

  • Lane Wright

    The prophetic strings of fate come to cast out the worrisome thoughts of fear. For when you believe and understand the righteous ways of the Lord so shall you be renewed within him. Christ fills the soul with love of eternal soulfullness. Though at times, I do not heed the call and become overburdened by the constant ways of prayer. In my mind , body and soul I know he is real and shall set forth on the path. Uplift my spirit and move along the ways of God. Some take the ways to seriously and envoke the embodiment of the Lord himself into them. But as for myself I will not let fear of anxiety control my soul or body. At times I may falter from path and be led astray and others may think my ways of prayer or not to there liking. Or that I think its a joke or game. I do believe and know God is real. And shall call upon him in times of need. Though constant prayer is not my cup of tea. I shall believe and understand his message. I know for some my ways or doing things are not for them. But I will not be controlled by the fear and overwhelming submission that is being forced. Instead my free will choosing the path. And so I stay on my own path and believe and follow as I can.

  • slashet

    piękna piosenka i piękny tekst

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