Crazy Wingsuit Flight -- Man Lands on Water Without Parachute?

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Wingman is a UK company born out of a dream to make the men's toiletry world more exciting and adventurous. Our day to day lives have nothing to do with wingsuits, we do everything we can to make the best male grooming products to make life that little bit better. Our innovative 3-in-1 Shower/Shampoo/Shave gel gets a cameo appearance in the gratuitous shaving scene in the video!

One evening, chewing the fat over several beers, we started scheming up video projects that were relevant to our little company but also outrageous enough to catch the attention of lots of people. We desperately wanted to get ourselves on the map, we had to given the size and nature of the companies we are trying to compete with. The name Wingman, amongst the other strong meanings for such a term, obviously lends itself to flight and so our conversation started to enter the realms of human flight and what is and is not possible.

The next day we decided we had hit upon an idea that was better than most of ours, particularly the ones after 8 pints of beer. And so the wheels set in motion for our venture in to the world of wingsuit flying along with the polarising character that is Raphael Dumont. We knew nobody in the wingsuit world, knew nothing about wingsuit flying and had to finish the video within 3 weeks or it wouldn't be possible to do it until the following year.

Thankfully our frantic efforts to make the project happen came together nicely with a very brief (and frantic) trip to Lake Garda two weeks later. Wingsuit flying is a relatively young sport but it progresses at an incredibly fast pace. The idea of landing on water without a parachute was the idea we choose to explore, it has been widely talked of within the wingsuit community since Gary Connery landed the first wingsuit jump without using a parachute.

Being involved with the wingsuit world, even in our tiny capacity, was an amazing experience and we have the utmost respect for the men and women involved. Seeing up close (as up close as standing on a beach miles away can be) what these incredible people do is almost impossible to describe. It's both amazing and madness in equal measures.

The intention of this video was never to offend anyone, just wanted to clear that up now. The beauty of the internet is you will always offend someone regardless of what it is you actually do...but we are pretty inoffensive by nature!

Sadly, whether or not Raphael Dumont was the first to land a wingsuit flight on to water without a parachute has remained unconfirmed due to inconclusive evidence...

Thank you:

James Boole & Maurizio DiPalma: For the expertise and guidance plus just being great blokes!

Gary Connery: For showing what is really possible! /

Filming/Editing: Lee Watson

Lake Garda & Italy: One of the greatest spots in the world for wingsuit jumps and the weather was perfect! /

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