Top 6 Best Comedy Movies


1. Dirty Grandpa
2.Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
3.Grown Ups
4.Why Him?
5.Good Kids
6.This is The End
  • Leland Burkett

    More like 6 of the cheesiest wannabee comedies

  • 2dadada2

    except grown ups all other sux

  • Lekteris

    These are top 6 best comedy movies? You haven't seen much comedies, do you?

  • Sophie Bowton-Meade

    lol that grandpa movie seems awful.

  • Gaynor Brennan


  • Paul Farrell

    If you're 15 aye!?

  • Tim Peterson

    Grown Ups is so bad that someone made a podcast where they watch and review it every week to see if it will somehow get any better.

  • aShA TiWarI

    This is the end best movie ever with the greatest comic actors therein.

  • Gabriel Ditrih

    this is anti comedy..stupid modern american braindead shit

  • eris kuci

    are you telling me kung pow is not the best comedy movie of all time

  • CommonCentsRob

    Good Kids? Ashley Judd still looks decent... too bad she's now a man.

  • Will Davies

    What the hell is why him on there? Some of your other choices were questionable, but i'd rather take a bong hit out of Donald Trumps ass hole than watch that shit again.

  • Vinu Prasad

    The hitman's bodyguard (2017)Death at funeral (2007)Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)Home alone 1&2.Mr beans holidays.Over night delivery (1998).The dictator.The hangover 1,2&3.The proposalThis is the end.Vacation

  • The Beast

    My list: 1. Step brothers2.this is the end 3.the dictator 4.tenacious D 5.dumb n dumber (both)6.scary movie 3

  • jenifer barndon

    ◄ HOME AGAIN (FULL MOVIE - HD Quality) ► ◄ VISIT NOW ►

  • Shrikant patange

  • tzDub92

    "What We Do in the Shadows" is a must watch

  • baucek 22

    mean 6 worst comedies haha

  • siim

    this is a troll list, right?

  • Masyaf

    nah Borat should be number 1.

  • william hedin

    Why is everything abaout sex😂 wtf im 14 goddamit

  • Alias m

    if dirty grandpa is in your top 6 list I don't wanna see the rest of it

  • Google made me do it

    This video is a joke.

  • jonathan white

    Tropic thunderBlades of gloryDodgeballDumb and dumberOld schoolStep brothers

  • LovisaMinigrisen

    Why Him? is one of my favourite comedy movies.

  • Yasumin Samranpong

    the first one is maaaa fav !

  • Jeff Busby

    top 6 wish they had never been made comedies of the 2010 era? do you even know what comedy is?

  • Pippi Ponz

    Best comedy movies? According to whom?

  • Twilight Gaming

    MIT does scholar ships?

  • Kal Wardien

    Thank u so much love u bro i was looking for that kind of movies for monthes thx bro

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