Best of Wingsuit Proximity Flying 2013


This is a collection of the top wingsuit proximity flying in 2013 that I could find I apologise if I missed any major proximity flights. Ps the really insane stuff happens later in the video!

At the end of the video the list of names is the names of BASE jumpers who have died in 2013, full list of all BASE jumpers who have died can be found here-

The clips used to made this video are the following:

Barn Storming with Jeb Corliss
HeliBASE 74
Dream Lines IV
Unbelievable Wingsuit Cave Flight- Alexander Polli
The Story Of the Flying Dagger-Jeb Corliss
Flying the Dagger wrist cam
The search for the perfect flight
Urban wing suit flying-Jokke Sommer
Falling and Flying
Wingsuit Flight Through a Waterfall in Lauterbrunnen
Le Brevent- Alexander Polli
Sky Dive dubai team at the crack
Shortest Wingsuit Exit-green line
Flying from Mt.Everest
Somewhere in Paradise_Heli Heaven
World Wingsuit Leage race Jhonathan Florez victory run
Final picture is from the WWL FaceBook page with the album dedicated to Victor Kovats

Music used:
Sail by Awolnation
I'll be gone(school boy remix) Linkin Park
You and me Flume remix
  • Ivan Zaykovsky

    That looks like you, Rico Rodrigues.

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    wow wow mark r pa usa I have no comment that will tell u how I feel nuff said

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    All hail the blow up camping mattress!

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    i gave the like to this just please.. change the music..

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  • James Vignali

    Humans finally experience real flight, at least briefly, before the kill themselves.

  • Anthony Beckie

    Doesn’t look hard just scary but the parachute makes a huge difference

  • burants

    A whole new level of thrill seeking....a bit crazy but big respect from a guy who prefers terra firma

  • Grammar Police

    Sometimes i drive 10 miles over the speed limit...sure its dangerous..but i don't care

  • Daniel Stiven Rojas Guatava

    11' minute, what is the song?

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    Is it hard to do that

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    Someone should dare Justin Trudeau to do this without the suit lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    crazy fucks....sweet!

  • mario villanueva

    the edit+soundtrack gave me cancer

  • Suma Yoshi

    honestly, i wonder how far can a person travel by flying with one of those lol so i can save money from buying a flight ticket or something.

  • bugio22

    why do we celbrate people who fly wingsuits with a 50% chance of death, yet demonize people who want to put chemicals in their body to reach higher levels of consciousness?

  • KillaBoy

    why you don't see black guy doing this

  • A Gamer

    Guess what just got added to my bucket list?

  • Good Samaritan

    Very risky behavior, but the reward must be great! My those 25 names who gave it all for the adrenaline rush RIP!


    That's insanely amazing @jebcorliss

  • Jayanth Kumar

    Awesome, Awesome Just Awesome, Incredible.....No words to explain....

  • wefreebefree

    i notice no old wingsuit jumpers....betting they all splat before then.

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    awesome bro. I will join you soon.

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    like flying squirrels on steroids

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    Al filo de la muerte. Wao

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    I don't know why theres a link to watch near death sky diving accidents, I don't wanna watch that lol. shits fucking scary, once it happens to you it definitely gets in your head a couple times

  • Ynse Schaap

    Bunch of idiots........ where do I sign up ;-)

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  • Asan Feizi

    Is this for real? they are really flying? or is some kind of special effects? Are they carrying some kind of jet engine under back or sides? how looks unreal to me

  • OldMan

    challenging death? you cant always win you know

  • KERNEL 837

    until somebody does a spin in the air then i will rate this sport

  • SiMo

    Something that shows we are capable of doing anything

  • bajs BAJSAREN

    How much upward angel can you achueve? wel i know wingsuitflying iis crfazy efer since the jeb corliss original ine, that made it popular

  • Sam Michael

    This video is amazing that I keep coming to it from time to time

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    my god I want to do this shit

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    here I am sitting all day long in a desk chair WTF am I doing with my life???????????????????????

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    You can see how they crash into mountains and stuff but fuck it would be fun as hell

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    Like bird flying rigghhhhhttt....???

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    No, thanks. I think I will stick to playing chess.


    4K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    What's the music called at the start of the video?

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    Same veiw for more than 10 secs please, epilepsy.

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    Looks hazardous fun but short life. Old saying no old bold pilots

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    Great vid, music sucks.

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    7:52 Songo with friends

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    This is you called dream? And get die? Poor you man.. you should be alive to enjoy the life. Go get a wife and child you

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    Это просто ШОК!!!!!!!

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