Wingsuit Rodeo - 00590

Wingsuit Rodeo - 00590

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This is my video log book as a wingsuit pilot. This is not necessarily intended for entertainment use but as a way for me to reference my jumps in conjunction with my log book. If you do enjoy it... Great! Hopefully you can learn and grow from my trials and errors.




  • KalifUmestoKalifa

    God, she must be freezing.Gotta get those clicks somehow, I guess.

  • Alex Cacares

    I will be the first to get P in V during a wingsuit flight

  • AviatorKidYT - Jay Akiyoshi

    Me; Turns left, right, up, then down. Makes do a barrelroll trolling the guy and then jumping off laughing. I hear; MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY!! GOING DOWN!! HELP ME!! Other guy: Just recover and stop being dramatic m8..

  • antonio autolitano

    .... La prossima volta voglio vedere le tue tette.

  • Udo Wörner

    Cool ride...thumps up :)

  • schellebaum baum

    Dont worry your titts are just fine.

  • aptx2345

    Breast physics improved!

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