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Фитиль "Вирус благодарности" (1978) смотреть онлайн

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Вирус благодарности (1978)

Автор: Г. Горин
Режиссер: В Кремнев
Оператор: В. Нахабцев
Художник: Б. Чеботарев
Редактор: В. Панков

В ролях: Г. Бурков, Н. Крачковская, П. Цитринель, С. Торкачевский

Производство: Мосфильм
Продолжительность: 00:03:33


Virus Vs (Fukkatsu no hi ????), literally Day of Resurrection is a post-apocalyptic science fiction movie based on a novel written by Sakyo Komatsu. A plane carrying biological warfare crashes, causing a deadly vs to be released, killing off most of the worlds population. A handful of surviving scientists are in a hurry to find a cure. Will they succeed? The film is notable for being the most expensive Japanese film ever made at the time. In Eish & Japanese.

Creative Commons license: Public Domain

D Day Full Movie | Hindi Movies 2016 Full Movie | Hindi Movie | Bollywood Movies

D Day Full Movie  | Hindi Movies 2016 Full Movie | Hindi Movie | Bollywood Movies Latest Bollywood Movies : D Day is a part of Hindi Movies 2016 Full Movie. 9 years ago Wali Khan was sent into Karachi, Pakistan by the Chief of RAW Ashwini Rao to report the activities of The Most Wanted Man in India. 9 days ago Rudra Singh Indian Armed Forces, MARCOS unit, Zoya Rehman RAW Explosives expert, and Aslam a petty thief from Mumbai reited by RAW, infiltrated Pakistan to join Wali Khan and bring back The Most Wanted Man. The man was to break all ISI protocol and security to attend his sons wedding. The man who could on that day be abducted and brought back to India to face justice. 1 day ago everything went according to plan until it all failed. The team did the unthinkable - they carried out the most daring operation and almost got away with it as something went horribly wrong.

Actors: Arjun Rampal, Rishi Kapoor, Irrfan Khan, Huma Qureshi, Sti Haasan.
Director: Nikhil Advani.
Producer: n Rangachari.
Subtitles: Eish.
Tag/Genre: Action, Thriller.
Rating: U/A

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Dirty Model - डर्टी मॉडेल | Full Romantic Hindi Movies | Mak, Shiju Praveen | HD MOVIE | MGR Music

Dirty Model - डर्टी मॉडेल | Full Romantic Hindi Movies | Mak, Shiju Praveen | HD MOVIE | MGR Music ENGLISH STORY FOR CHILDREN : youtu.be/HOjwmA2Ftdc

Dirty Model - Full Romantic Hindi Movies Mak, Shiju Praveen HD MOVIE MGR Music

Movie : Dirty Model (2015)
Producer : Dee Pee Films Productions
Director : Sandeep Gupta
Star Cast : Mak (Mukesh Tripathi), Praveen Yadav, Shiju Kataria, Nirmal Soni, Gagan G, Kuldeep Sareen, Anjali Sharma, Ankita Sharma, Ketan Karande .
Label : MGR Music
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Pink Panther and Pals | 1 Hr Sports Compilation

Pink Panther and Pals | 1 Hr Sports Compilation (1) Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Pink - Big Nose, White Horse, and Pink Pantherpete in the Olympic Games. (2) Pink on the Canvas - To buy a new guitar, Pink Pantherpetes against wrestling champion Big Nose in order to get money. (3) Life in the Pink Lane - Pink Panther and Big Nosepete in a serious game of bowling. (4) Pink n Putt - Big Nose and Pink Panther go against each other on a mini golf course. (5) Find Your Own Ant - Aardvark and Hedgehog fight over who gets to eat Ant. (6) Pink Me Out to the Ballgame - Pink Panther and Big Nose chase after a very coveted baseball. (7) Shorely Pink - Pink Panther and Big Nosepete in a series of activities to prove that muscles arent everything. (8) Pink on the Pitch - Pink Panthers soccer team must play against Big Noses soccer team of evil robots. (9) Aard Fu - Aardvark tries to learn kung fu in order to catch Ant, but the kung fu master is not who Aardvark expected. (10) Pink Pool Fool - Pink Panther finds the skate park closed so he tries to drain the neighborhood pool to use it as an impromptu skate park. Meanwhile, Big Nose wants to relax in the pool.

The Pink Panther is the sly, lanky animated cat created by Friz Freleng and David DePatie. The iconic feline was first created in 1964.

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Queen - I Want To Break Free (Official Video)

Queen - I Want To Break Free (Official Video) Queen + Adam Lambert North American, UK & Europe Tour 2017. Tour dates and tickets queenofficial.lnk.to/live-2017
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Queen - I Want To Break Free

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The official I Want To Break Free music video. Taken from Queen - Greatest Video Hits 2.

A Virus Called Fear by Ben Fama Jr.

A Virus Called Fear by Ben Fama Jr. Very few people understand the programming of fear, and why it distorts our perceptions. While fear is a program used for our survival, fear also creates irrational beliefs that cause larger systems of fear like politics, religion and the media. A Vs Called Fear is a short film about the conditioning of fear, and what irrational fears can lead to.


2017 Fama Media Productions, LLC

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iTunes: itunes.apple/us/album/vs-called-fear-special/id1110921461
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Amazon: amazon/gp/product/B01F71KBNM?ie=UTF8&keywords=a%20vs%20called%20fear&qid=1462520276&ref_=sr_1_1&s=dmusic&sr=1-1-mp3-albums-bar-strip-0Check me out:
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Portuguese Traduo (Portuguese Translation by)
Juliane Reali

Closed Captioning Available.

Apple II: Nasty DOS 3.3 Virus attack!

Apple II: Nasty DOS 3.3 Virus attack! Did you know there were vses for the old Apple II DOS 3.3?

I accidentally got hit by this from a freeware public domain disk collection called the Freeloader Library that was duplicated and given to me back in the 1990s. (Due to the lack of an Inte, how else could such a thing have spread except in this way?)

Unlike modern vses, this one has no author information, no origin information, and no apparent purpose except to be desctive against unsuspecting targets like me.

I lost a fair bit of really important personal history and programming experiments to this nasty thing. It took me a while to figure out what was going on and finally locate and isolate it onto a quarantine disk.

I will never be uploading this thing to any disk archives. I will let it die of bit rot in my closet.

Фитиль "Вирус инерции" (1969) смотреть онлайн

Фитиль "Вирус инерции" (1969) смотреть онлайн Смотрите на iPad: itunes.apple/app/rvision-tv/id810243002
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Вирус инерции (1969)

Автор: Ю. Золотарев
Режиссер: М. Осетьян
Оператор: А. Масленников

В роли: Н. Энке

Производство: Киностудия им. М. Горького
Продолжительность: 00:02:14

Solved: Google chrome browser redirect [ fix for all browser ]

Solved: Google chrome browser redirect  [ fix for all browser ] How to remove redirect browser vs , Fix goe chrome redirect, Remove website redirect, Solve redirecting issue on Mozilla Firefox , Goe custom search redirect, Get Ride from browser redirect or How to stop third party proxy redirect.

Other method : youtu.be/eajMkeWCoHw

Start Run and type regedit
# Create new user and set up full control .

Other option : youtube/watch?v=eajMkeWCoHw

If it doesnt work try following methods:
Reset the host file from C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc folder.

First step : Copy and paste the host file to anywhere on the drive (eg: Desktop) (dont edit original host file) . Then open duplicate host file with notepad and clear theplete text , after that copy and paste below details in to notepad and Save it.
Next step : Copy the saved host file to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc folder and replace the file.
The default Host file details are below: ( copy from # Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Microsoft Corp. to # ::1 localhost )

# Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Microsoft Corp.
# This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.
# This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each
# entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should
# be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.
# The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one
# space.
# Additionally,ments (such as these) may be inserted on individual
# lines or following the machine name denoted by a # symbol.
# For example:
# rhino.acme # source server
# x.acme # x client host
# localhost name resolution is handle within DNS itself.
# localhost
# ::1 localhost

You can also reset the browser settings and remove proxy server
youtube/watch?v=gzP0Q5D93lEMusic credit ; Autumn Day by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativmons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: ipetech/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100765
Artist: ipetech/

copyright Reserved - 2016-17
All rights to this video is owned DEEZ : deezzone
The video obeys the YouTube Community Guidelines and NO copyright content is present in this video.
For Educational Purpose Only.
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for -fair use- for purposes such as criticism,ment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use Copyright Reserved - 2016-17

The Tower (1993)

The Tower (1993) Before Tony can get to work on the first day of his new job, he manages to lock himself out of his appartment. To get back in he uses the his new security pass, which resembles a credit card. The card bes damaged when it is used to open his front door, and then causes mayhem at work when the mainputer fails to identify Tony as the new employee. The high-tech building isn byputer, which interprets its programming as meaning; destroy all threats. The BUILDING is out to get Tony.

Ebola - O Virus da Morte 1995

Ebola - O Virus da Morte 1995 Acessem o Blog Rezenhando, a Cultura Pop de A a Z - rezenhando.wordpress/2016/06/03/eu-consegui-baixar-esta-raridade-download-ebola-o-vs-da-morte/

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Duncan Dhu - En algun lugar.

Duncan Dhu - En algun lugar. Duncan Dhu was a Spanish group created in San Sebastin, Spain in 1984. Their original members were Mikel Erentxun (former singer in Aristogatos), Diego Vasallo and Juan Ramn Viles (former members of Los Dalton). Their style was based on an acoustic and simple pop-rock with a touch of rockabilly in great contrast with the more radical rock played in the area at the time. After being hired by Grabaciones Accidentales, S.A. they contributed with two songs (Mi Amor and Bsame Mucho) to the new bandspilation La nica alternativa (The Only Alternative).

Zombie Night (2016) New Full Movie in Hindi | Hollywood Horror Action Film | ADMD

Zombie Night (2016) New Full Movie in Hindi | Hollywood Horror Action Film | ADMD Watch the latest Hollywood Horror Film Zombie Night dubbed in Hindi, Exclusively at Adwise Media Digital

Two families are torn between saving themselves and helping each other when their townes under siege by zombies.

Star cast:
Anthony Michael Hall as Patrick
Daryl Hannah as Birdy
Jennifer Taylor as Karin
Alan Ruck as Joseph
Rachel G. Fox as Tracie Jackson
Shirley Jones as Nana
Tia Robinson as Janice
Daniel Ross Owens as Perry
Zoe Canner as Irina
Daniel Moorehead as Dizzy
Rogelio T. Ramos as Officer Lopez

Directed by: John Gulager
Story by: Richard Schenkman
Screenplay by: Keith Allan and Delondra Williams

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Thai Horror movie - Train of the dead [English Subtitle] Full Thai Movie

Thai Horror movie - Train of the dead [English Subtitle] Full Thai Movie Five teenagers, Jok the leader of the gang, Aek, Mid, Kai, and Jun rob a kindergarten. During the police chase, their get-away car swerves and crashes onto the side of the road shop. The gang crawls out of the car and Jok grabs an innocent bystander, Tho, and drags him through the back door of the shop. Theyn to a remote spot of a railway station and climb into an empty train carriage. They plan to wait there until the nightes, to divide their loot and scatter in different directions. Unexpectedly, Jok notices that the train is occupied by wealthy people who are having a party on the bogey. Jok sees an opportunity to make more money by robbing the passengers. As he was about to start the robbery, suddenly there was no one there. With a shock, Jok realizes that he and his friends are in a train occupied by the ghost. This is the ghost train taking its passengers to their final destination, hell. Will Tho keep safe from both the robbers and the ghost? And how can he get of the train?

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[новый]Дорожный вирус идёт на север ( Стивен Кинг, ужасы) СМОТРЕТЬ ОНЛАЙН

[новый]Дорожный вирус идёт на север ( Стивен Кинг, ужасы) СМОТРЕТЬ ОНЛАЙН [новый]Дорожный вирус идёт на север ( Стивен Кинг, ужасы) СМОТРЕТЬ ОНЛАЙНИзвестный писатель Ричард Киннел случайно увидел на распродаже очень необычную картину. На ней был изображен неприятного вида молодой человек, сидящий за рулем машины. Он ухмылялся так, что были видны все его зубы. А точнее не зубы, а клыки. Картина очень заинтересовала Киннела, и он решил ее купить

IQ -Dark Matter 2004- Prog Rock Full Album

IQ -Dark Matter 2004- Prog Rock Full Album Dark Matter is a studio album by the British neo-progressive band IQ, released in 2004. It is the last with founding member Martin Orford as he had left the band and music industry by 2009.


1. Sacred Sound (0:00)
2. Red Dust Shadow (11:40)
3. You Never Will (17:41)
4. Born Brilliant (22:29)
5. Harvest of Souls (27:48)
- I. First Of The Last
- II. The Wrong Host
- III. Nocturne
- IV. Frame And Form
- V. Mortal Procession
- VI. Ghosts Of DaysLine-up / Musicians
- Peter Nicholls / lead & backing vocals
- Mike Holmes / electric & acoustic (6- & 12-string) guitars, E-Bow, effects, producer
- Martin Orford / Korg CX3 organ, synths (Kurzweil K2500, Access Vs KB, Yamaha SY85, Roland JV1080, Korg Triton), samples, Moog bass pedals, backing vocals, pre-production
- John Jowitt / basses (4-, 5-string & fretless), backing vocals
- Paul Cook / ms, percussion

Peace Virus - Die Bedrohung (Part 1, German)

Peace Virus - Die Bedrohung (Part 1, German) Die Softwarefirma Aut hat eine kleine Stadt fast gnzlich ber ein Computer-Netzwerk verbunden. Als eines Tages der Chef der Firma Weston (Michael Nouri) seinen Angestellten Elliott Nesher (Timothy Busfield) entlsst, weil der seiner Meinung nach zu verdreht ist, sinnt er auf Rache. Er macht sich online an den Sohn von Weston ran und gibt Dylan (Matthew Ewald) ein Song, der seinem Vater gefallen wrde. Dylan ldt den Song auf den Computer seines Vaters. Er ahnt nicht, das Elliott ihm einen Vs untergejubelt hat, der nun versucht, die Kontrolle des Computer-Netzwerks zu bernehmen. Anfangs bemerkt keiner etwas, aber dann hufen sich die Unflle in der Stadt, die auf das Computer-Netzwerk von Aut zurckzufhren sind.
Der Brgermeister verlangt eine lckenlose Aufkng und ein schnelles Beheben der Sngen. Weston und sein Partner versuchen, den Vs ausfindig zu machen und in Quarantne zu stecken, was aber nicht wirklich gelingt, da der Vs sich selbst verndern kann. Das Einzige, was sie wissen ist, dass der Vs durch Westons Computer in das interne Netzwerk gelangt ist. Weston geht zu seiner Ex-Frau Alex (Marina Sirtis) und seinem Sohn Dylan und fragt ihn, ob er etwas wei. Widerwillig rckt Dylan damit raus, dass er ihm einen Song auf den Computer geladen hatte, den er ihm zuliebe bekommen hatte.
Er gibt zu, dass der Song von Elliott Nesher ist und Weston wird klar, was passiert ist. Er wei nur noch nicht, dass nicht Nesher den Vs kontrolliert, sondern dass der Vs ein Eigenleben entwickelt hat und nun vorhat, die Menschheit auszulschen. Dazu ist dem Vs jedes Mittel recht, und um nicht in Gefahr zu kommen, schickt er seinen Erschaffer Nesher in den Urlaub und bucht eine Chartermaschine fr ihn. Nesher wei schon, wie gefhrlich der Vs geworden ist und nimmt an, nur der Vs will ihn nicht wirklich gehen lassen. Als Nesher in der Luft ist, lsst der Vs Neshers Chartermaschine mit einer groen Passagiermaschine kollidieren.
Dann macht sich der Vs daran, an der besser gesicherten Firewall des Atomkraftwerks vorbeizukommen. Weston beobachtet den Versuch und will mit Alex und Dylan alles versuchen, um das zu verhindern. Sie versuchen, die Leute im Atomkraftwerk per Telefon zu warnen, aber der Vs fngt das Gesprch ab. Somit bleibt Weston nur noch eine ichkeit: er muss den Vs aufspren und dann alle Daten von ihm lschen. Es gelingt ihm, herauszufinden, auf welchem Server der Vs seine Daten speichert und den Server vom Strom zu nehmen.

USA 2002, Film Genre: Thriller
Originaltitel: Terminal Error / The Peace Vs

Regie: John Murlowski

Darsteller: Michael Nouri (Brad Weston), Marina Sirtis (Alex), Matthew Ewald (Dylan Weston), David Wells (Russ), Timothy Busfield (Elliott Nesher), Audrey Wasilewski (Kathy)

Björk: The Gate

Björk: The Gate For the first release from her forting new album, co-produced by Arca, Bjrk has teamed up with a super-troupe of contributors to create a hallucinogenic new video. Director Andrew Thomas Huang envisions a kaleidoscopic world inhabited by the singer-songwriter, who is clad in an iridescent otherworldly garment designed by Guccis Alessandro Michele. Read more no NOWNESS - bit.ly/2f2N1LQ

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3000 scénarios contre un virus - I love you - Emmanuelle Laborit

3000 scénarios contre un virus - I love you  - Emmanuelle Laborit Curta que faz parte de uma campanha debate AIDS.
Episdio: I Love You - 1994.
Com Emmanuelle Laborit.


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Top 100 songs released in early 2000s | 2000s के टॉप गाने | HD Songs | One Stop Jukebox

Top 100 songs released in early 2000s | 2000s के टॉप गाने | HD Songs | One Stop Jukebox Click On The Timing Mentioned Below To Listen To The Particular Song In The Above Jukebox

00:00:07 Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai
00:06:36 Woh Lamhe Woh Baatein
00:11:56 Zara Zara
00:16:54 Jadu Hai Nasha Hai
00:22:24 Aadat
00:27:57 Agar Tum Mil Jao
00:33:58 Jiya Dhadak Dhadak Jaye
00:39:17 Toh Phir Aao
00:45:05 Mann Ki Lagan
00:49:57 Dilko Tumse Pyar Hua
00:55:29 Maula Mere Maula
01:01:33 Na Tum Jano Na Hum
01:07:56 Mahiya
01:12:21 Bheegey Hont
01:16:55 Such Keh Raha Hai
01:22:24 Bheegi Bheegi
01:28:09 Kaho Naa Pyar Hai (Happy)
01:35:13 Tere Bin
01:40:35 Kaho Na Kaho
01:45:47 Say Na Say Na
01:49:04 Maine Dil Se Kaha
01:54:17 Ya Ali
01:59:13 Ek Pal Ka Jeena
02:05:50 Tera Mera Rishta
02:11:37 Mohabbat Ho Na Jaye (Dekha Jo Tumko)
02:18:13 Jaadu Hai Nasha
02:23:41 Aisa Lagta Hai
02:31:12 Zindagi Ban Gaye Ho Tum
02:36:49 Bure Bure Boro Boro
02:39:56 Kitni Bechain Hoke
02:47:21 Panchhi Nadiyan Pawan Ke Jhonke
02:57:10 Chand Sitare
03:03:48 Tujhe Dekh Dekh
03:06:34 Javeda Zindagi Tose Naina Lage
03:14:56 Lamha Lamha
03:20:21 Achchi Lagti Ho
03:26:40 Khamoshiyan Gangunane Lagi
03:32:07 Kaise Mein Kahun Tujhse
03:33:11 Pyar Ki Kashti Mein
03:39:09 Lamha Lamha
03:44:34 Right Here Right Now
03:47:37 Dil Mera Tod Diya
03:52:45 Ek Nazar Mein Bhi
03:57:22 Rehnaa Hai Tere Dil Mein
04:02:30 Awaarapan Banjarapan
04:09:32 Bheed Mein
04:15:31 Dil Ne Dil Ko Pukara
04:23:28 Mere Humsafar
04:31:19 Maula Maula
04:36:44 Agar Tum Mil Jao
04:42:45 Chalo Tumko Lekar
04:47:34 Kuch Naa Kaho
04:52:55 Khoobsurat
04:58:21 Woh Humse Khafa Hain
05:03:34 Awaarapan Banjarapan
05:06:23 Aye Bekhabar
05:12:06 Zindagi Is Tarah
05:17:46 Janeman Janeman
05:22:59 Filhaal
05:28:23 Garaj Baras
05:33:14 Aap Ka Aana Dil Dhadkana
05:39:21 Zamana Chhod Denge Hum
05:43:59 Khawaja Mere Khwaja
05:50:41 Taal Pe Jab
05:57:51 Jab Bhi Koi Haseena
06:04:33 Kaho Naa Pyar Hai (Sad)
06:05:42 Goom Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein
06:11:31 Haath Choote
06:18:23 Meter Down
06:21:36 Yeh Dhuan Dhuan
06:27:22 Khoobsurat
06:32:48 Ek Saathi Aur Bhi Tha
06:41:20 Oh Mama Mama
06:45:56 Mujhe Tumse Mohabbat Hai
06:51:47 Dil Ko Hazar Bar
06:57:22 Intezaar
07:05:13 Tumhe Aaj Maine Jo Dekha
07:10:06 Dhanak Ka Rang
07:14:58 Aazmale Aazmale
07:19:52 Kal Raat Ho Gayee
07:27:23 Dil Dhoondta Hai
07:32:23 Raat Ki Hatheli Par
07:39:18 Maar Udari
07:44:44 Maine Soch Liya
07:49:03 Tum
07:54:56 O Hansini
07:59:32 Hum Apni Taraf Se
08:04:36 Yeh Raat
08:10:43 Ya Habibi
08:18:04 Yeh Chand Koi Deewana Hai
08:24:09 Zindagi Is Tarah
08:29:50 Chand Ke Paar Chalo
08:35:09 Silsile Mulaqaton Ke
08:41:04 Kitni Der Tak
08:46:12 Tuntunuk Tun
08:53:12 Rabba Rabba
08:58:04 Pyar Ka Matlab
09:03:52 Baras Ja
09:10:19 Masoom Chehra
09:15:35 More Sawariya

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Virus (Dr. Mario, NES - Prototypes) Gameplay (Master M) Parte 1

Virus (Dr. Mario, NES - Prototypes) Gameplay (Master M) Parte 1 Titulo : Vs (Prototipo de Dr. Mario)

Ao: 1989 - 1990

Jugadores: 1 - 2


En este gameplay NO se usaron cheats para manipular el juego
Hola a todos , este es mi nuevo gameplay de otro juego prototipo REAL


Link de los roms prototipos mas emulador:



1.- Rendado ver en FULL HD 1080p

2.- Rendado descargar cosas de MEGA por Goe chrome (avisenme por favor si el link no funciona )

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